HSS Drill Bit

  • Alloy Pagoda Drill Bit For Drilling

    Alloy Pagoda Drill Bit For Drilling

    • Description:
    • This 3 Piece Titanium Nitride Coated High Speed Steel Drill Bit Set
    • The step drill bits feature a double fluted design for optimum speed and accuracy.
    • Made from M42 High Speed Steel with a Titanium coating for reduced friction and heat
    • Heat Treated and Highly Polished
    • Titanium nitride coating for cooler running
    • Three Sided Shank on these step drills Prevents Slipping in the Chuck
    • Each Step drill has 2 flutes to give a faster, smoother cut and the tapered face of the next cutter automatically deburrs the finished hole.
    • Each step drill has size markings for easier hole identification.
    • Ideal for thin metals, steel, aluminium, copper, brass, fibreglass, pvc etc. making these step drills useful for many plumbing, electrical and automotive tasks.
    • No pilot holes or pre-drilling required.
    • Automatically deburrs holes as you drill
    • The set comes complete with a nylon storage pouch.
  • Cobalt HSS Twist Drill For Stainless Steel

    Cobalt HSS Twist Drill For Stainless Steel

    • 1.Special grinding edge hardness and high edge sharp wear-resistant
    • 2.Point Angle: 118°/ 135° or split point
    • 3.Nanometer coatings are rustproof and corrosion resistant
    • 4.Suit for metal drillingSuitable for drilling copper, iron, aluminum stainless steel and other hard metal materials