Powerful and professional saw blade customization capabilities, what are you hesitating about!

With our development, from the original 2 technicians to the current 8 technicians, the research on the saw blade is getting deeper and deeper, the quality is getting better and better, and the performance is more and more stable.
At the same time, our customization capabilities are increasing day by day. Within the scope of technical feasibility, we can produce products in any size according to your needs.
We can provide personalized customization:
Coating treatment
Customized size, more accurate size, smaller tolerance range
Design and customization of special tooth profile
Super concave grinding design
Cutting width
Toothless design
Combination processing design
Special drilling design
Special pin hole design
Special keyway design
High hardness design
Any need of the saw blades, we will meet your needs as soon as possible, please contact us now !

Hangzhou Xinsheng is a leading enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales in China with a history of 15 years. The main produces are carbide saw blades, PCD saw blades, diamond saw blades, high-speed steel saw blades(HSS saw blades), and woodworking tools.

Precision Panel Saw Blades


Uses: particle board, medium density board, melamine veneer, aluminum oxide veneer, etc. cutting

Electronic cutting saw blades


Uses: particle board, medium density board, melamine veneer, aluminum oxide veneer, etc. cutting

Carbide multi-ripping saw blades


Uses: wood cutting

Carbide multi-ripping circular saw blades with rakers


Uses: solid wood cutting

Circular saw blade for aluminum cutting


Uses: 45-degree diagonal cutting of aluminum profiles, aluminum alloys, etc. cutting

PCD saw blades


Uses: calcium silicate board, cement fiber board, artificial marble, particle board, density board, melamine veneer, laminate flooring, solid wood composite multilayer board, etc. cutting

Post time: Sep-26-2021