PILIHU Ultra-thin Double Body Saw Blade For Cutting Hard Wood

Short Description:

Diameter = 230mm

Number of teeth = 36T

Kerf = 1.3 mm 

Body = 1.1 mm

Ultra-thin saw blade, small kerf, cutting material saving, SKS-51 steel, stable cutting,

1. Application: Rip

2.Machine: Multi Rip Saw,

3.Material: sorts of the wood, risk or resins, fresh and wet and some occasionally dry, with dead knots

4. Product Size: 

Diameter Teeth Raker Tooth Design Kerf Plate Bore,Pin Holes
170mm 24T


BC 1.3mm 1.1mm 60mm, 14×7-2
205mm 36T


BC 13.mm 0.9mm 50mm, 14×7-2
230mm 36T


BC 1.5mm 1.1mm 60mm, 14×7-2
330mm 60T   BC 1.7mm 1.2mm 25.4mm


5. Product Feature:

1) Double body design, fast and stable cutting

2) Ultra-thin cut, saving cutting material

3) After-sale guarantee

Product Detail

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Size:  230 * 0.9 * 70 * 40T mm 
Material:  Customized
Brand:  Pilihu & Lansheng or Customized
Bore Dia.:  70 mm or Customized
Outer Dia.:  230 mm or Customized
Thickness:  0.9 mm or Customized
Teeth No.:  40 T or Customized
Suitable for:  wood, soft material, etc.

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Ultra-thin Double Body Saw Blade With Bos

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